Meet the future of your dreams

Learn how to protect and pass along your assets. See the latest trends in retirement living. Hear about living longer while staying healthier. Explore exciting new things to do after you stop spending most of your time working.

Fall in love with your future! This full day of classes, lectures, and experiences could be the first step toward the retirement of your dreams. 

The MOney

To retire well you need money. Do you know how much? We'll help you figure that out. With pensions going away, how will you save enugh and how should it be invested. Learn the truth about most "investments" and discover the simple science of building wealth.

the comfort

You will probably live longer than previous generations. How will you stay healthy and fit in those extra years? At some point, we will all face aging and health challenges. Where will you find and afford the best care, when you need it? Find comfort at Retiremeet.

The Joy

You deserve to enjoy your retirement! Once you stop working, what will you do? Take up a new hobby? Find ways to help others? Explore places you have only imagined? At Retiremeet, you will hear new ideas and find unexpected paths to a joyful future.