Just a few of the classes at Retiremeet 2017

Don McDonald

meet real retirement investing

Discover the huge differences between real investing and most of what is passed off as investing. Then Don will take you through the process of creating a properly diversified real investment portfolio based on each investor's needs and risk profile. Plus, Don will share a new tool that allows anyone to easily build a real investment portfolio, no matter how much they have to invest.


Darol Tuttle

Asset pRotection takes more than planning

Attorney Darol Tuttle will illustrate the difference between traditional estate planning and asset protection in the modern era.  This presentation will emphasize the biggest threat to your retirement and estate to include taxes, probate and even the high cost of long-term care.  Condensing complicated legal strategies, Mr. Tuttle will discuss six proven legal strategies to ensure a successful retirement and the largest possible legacy for subsequent generations.




meet real retirement income

You've invested successfully and have accumulated a decent retirement nest egg. Now  it's time to start living off of and enjoying the fruits of your labor. How can you create the best possible income stream from your investments and make it last a lifetime and beyond. Tom explores the popular income options and demonstrates some techniques for creating and income for life.